Canberra Queer Clubhouse

Are you young(ish), queer, and interested in hanging out with other queers?

Canberra Queer Clubhouse is a roving gathering that aims to bring queer Canberrans together in a fun, safe and relaxed space.

The Clubhouse is a project initiated by four 2013 grads who were new to Canberra.

We'll hang out once a month, with details announced on our facebook page. Feel free to use the Facebook group as a platform to share your own events/ideas. We'd love for you to join us, and help shape the Clubhouse as we go.

Canberra can be a tough place to meet other queers, and to find safe queer spaces to hang in. We want the Clubhouse to change that, by giving local queers a place to have a drink and a chat, connect with each other, and build new communities for ourselves.

Whether you're new to the city, or just looking to expand your social horizons, come along and say hi!

People from all over the LGBTIQ alphabet soup welcome


  • City: Canberra

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