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FREE African Drumming

Get Drumming in Canberra! Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity to learn African Drumming absolutely free. Would you like to join a fun 10-week course of African Drumming? Join our drumming group led by coach Yvette from 'Rise Drumming' to learn and experience the unifying power of music!

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Acceptance = Happier LGBT people

In recent years LGBT+ rights have improved dramatically. Same-sex marriage is now legally performed and recognised in 28 countries. Equality laws protect LGBT+ people at work and increased media coverage is improving knowledge and awareness of sexual orientations. More to be done, however, to ensure equality for all, and researchers have been looking into how different factors like these contribute to the happiness and life satisfaction of people with minority sexual identities. Studies...

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Dealing with Stress

“I’M SO STRESSED”. “THIS IS TOO STRESSFUL” “THIS IS STRESSING ME OUT.” These are common refrains that we hear everyday — from others, from the media, from ourselves. “Life is stressful”. Yes, life is full of challenges and stressors — deadlines, traffic jams caused by the new light rail building works, arguments with a spouse, work pressures, social anxieties, too many competing priorities, new relationships, navigating school or study — all are potential causes of stress in some degree...

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Being Gay, Being Social

We maybe gay for social, not sexual reasons? Homosexuality may have evolved for social, not sexual reasons. How did homosexuality in humans evolve? Typically, this question is posed as a paradox. The argument is this: gay sex alone can’t produce children, and for traits to evolve, they have to be passed onto children, who get some form of competitive advantage from them. From this perspective, some argue homosexuality should not have evolved.

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