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Meridian supports the health and wellbeing of trans, gender diverse and non-binary people, their families and allies.  We work with individuals through counselling and peer support and provide resources to workplaces and programs in setting across Canberra. 

Gender diversity is an umbrella term that is used to describe gender identities that demonstrate a diversity of expression beyond the binary framework. We recognise and celebrate the diversity of the TGD experience, so when we use the term ‘trans and gender diverse’, ‘trans’ and  ‘transgender’ we mean all people who are not cisgender.  Cisgender is a term used to describe people whose gender is the same as that was presumed for them at birth (male or female). ‘Cis’ is a Latin term meaning ‘on the same side as’.

We offer and refer to a range of TGD-affirming resources, programs and services delivered by people who genuinely understand the health issues affecting trans and gender diverse people.

Language guide 

Check out our Trans and Gender Diverse Language Guide  produced in partnership with A Gender Agenda, Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT, Northside Community Service and ACON.


Westlund Counselling provides safe, inclusive and affordable counselling for people of diverse sexualities and gender identities as well as their families and allies We also provide referral to psychologist support through the Next Steps high-intensity CBT program for major depression and anxiety.

We specialise in a diverse range of evidence-based therapies for a diverse group of clients including those exploring:

  • The diversity and fluidity of their gender, sex and/or sexuality.
  • Resilience and strengths-based approaches to living a positive, diverse and unique life.
  • Connections and support from community.
  • Relationship issues including couple and family counselling.
  • Drug and alcohol dependence concerns.
  • Those experiencing intimate partner or family violence, homophobic or transphobic violence along with the impact of minority stress, stigma and discrimination.


Meridian runs an annual peer-led mentorship program for young LGBTIQ+ people. Encampment provides personal and professional development training to trans, gender diverse and non-binary youth leaders (mentors aged 18-25), who mentor younger LGBTIQ+ people (participants aged 13-17).


A Gender Agenda (AGA) provide direct and peer support and advocacy for members of the trans, gender diverse and intersex communities and their families. The Friday Centre is a peer navigation service that supports trans and gender diverse communities with information and referrals to support their social, legal and medical transition.

The Friday Centre operates The Exchange at Meridian’s Havelock House office on Fridays from 1pm – 6pm. You can drop in anytime during opening hours or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ACON has developed an online platform TransHub. TransHub is an exciting digital information and resource destination for all trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, their loved ones, allies and health providers.

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