Arthritis ACT

Arthritis ACT has a number of exercise programs to assist people living with chronic pain or musculoskeletal issues. Hydrotherapy sessions occur across Canberra.

Hydrotherapy is a proven non-pharmaceutical means of reducing pain and increasing mobility.
Strength and balance classes occur throughout the year.

These classes are designed to reduce the impact of lower limb arthritis and to improve strength and balance in persons for whom their health condition has reduced their mobility and left them more at risk of falling and breaking bones.

These classes will also assist those whom have been on long term medications that may reduce their bone density and also leave them at greater risk of breaking bones.

We also have Tai Chi classes that target balance, and Yoga classes for both those who can get on the floor and those that are limited to a chair but would like to benefit from the meditative and pain relieving effects of this ancient art.


  • Street: 27 Mulley Street
  • Postcode: 2611
  • State: ACT


  • Call: 02 6288 4244
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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