Somatic Wisdom

Somatic Sexology is a collaborative process where you learn through paying attention to your body. We work together toward your learning objectives, guiding you through processes of self awareness.

These might include:

• sex education
• sexological bodywork
• embodiment coaching
• self love coaching

Somatic Wisdom is for educating individuals, couples and groups toward an authentic sexuality based in your body’s own wisdom. I will coach you in practical erotic skills for creating new possibilities in pleasure. I offer guidance in communication for deeper intimate connection, and provide body-focused techniques for addressing unhelpful sexual patterns or past traumas. Somatic Wisdom is a practice for learning through your body, rather than through theories or beliefs, the authentic voice of your erotic self.

Who can benefit from Somatic Sexology?
Somatic Sexology is for anyone who wants to learn more about their body, wants to experience more pleasure in their erotic life, or wants to deepen their relationships. Topics that can be effectively explored through Somatic Sexology include:

• accessing more pleasure
• overcoming pain or numbness
• reigniting erotic life
• reducing sexual dysfunction
• overcoming shame
• shifting sexual habits
• negotiating consent
• expanding touch techniques

What is a consultation like?
Personal consultations might include talk based activities or hands-on practice with individuals or partners. The content and direction of your consultation is decided in collaboration between you and I, based on the intention that you bring to the session.

As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker I am an Associate Member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australia, and practice according to the SSEAA Code of Ethics.


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